Academic Governance


Academic Governance

The framework for implementing and maintaining the academic provision and standards of Robert Gordon University.

Quality Assurance & Regulations

The Academic Quality Handbook, alongside the Organisational Regulations and Academic Regulations, serves as a key constituent of the University’s quality assurance framework, defining and providing detailed operational guidance on the University’s quality assurance procedures.

Academic Regulations

The Academic Regulations apply to all educational provision offered by the University bearing credit.

Academic Quality Handbook

Within the University’s quality assurance framework the Academic Quality Handbook defines and provides detailed operational guidance on the University’s quality assurance procedures.

Applicant and Student Forms

For applicants, forms to appeal application and admission to the University. For students, forms to appeal academic decisions, extenuating circumstances and suspension of studies.

Approved Course Specifications & Accreditations

The Governance and Academic Quality Department is responsible for maintaining accurate course information, in the form of Course Specifications, and administers the University's Course Information Database (CID) and Module Database.

Assessment Policy & Procedures

The University’s Academic Regulations and Organisational Regulations provide the regulatory framework for the conduct of summative assessment.

Examination Procedures

The Department for Governance and Academic Quality is responsible for administering the University's invigilation process for examinations.

Student Academic and Misconduct Appeals

This resource provides some facts and figures about Academic Appeals (Awards and Progression), and cases of Academic Misconduct and Non-Academic Misconduct and Misconduct Appeals, considered by the university.

Enhancement-led Institutional Review

Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR) is an evidence-based method of peer review, enabling staff and students from other institutions to join a team of reviewers to assess what each higher education institution does.

Academic Collaboration

Details of the University's collaborative activity.

Graduate with gown and scroll

Robert Gordon University uses the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) online verification service for employers and agencies to verify study on current and former students.

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