Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray

Sarah, a mature student at RGU, writes about how Clearing helped her go from giving up on her dreams to go to university to securing a place in the BSc Adult Nursing course

I had heard of Clearing years ago. To be honest, I had not even considered it until scrolling through the list of courses. I was feeling pretty low and about to give up on university. I thought my chances for a 2020 start were very much on hold. But when I was looking to join RGU through Clearing, I was surprised to see lots of fantastic course options available.

I had applied for Midwifery at Robert Gordon University earlier in the year. But I was unsuccessful. I also thought about applying to a Nursing course many times. But I just assumed the spaces would be full up. Much to my surprise, they were still accepting applicants.

I was actually waiting on my higher biology exam results (I opted for them to be posted) while scrolling through, feeling hopeful I’d find a space. I was already feeling anxious about my results. I was also quite deflated that I had not got into Midwifery. Clearing gave me some hope and made me feel more positive about finding what I was looking for.

The process is quick - I was called by someone from the university within 20 mins of showing an interest in the nursing course. I got what I needed for my biology so the process from there was smooth running and I actually felt excited about the prospect of actually making it to university! Although I must say, even if you don't get the results you hoped for, I’m pretty sure the clearing team would do their best to guide you in the right direction.

It gave me different options. Options I probably wouldn't have considered. Now I won't look back. If I do decide to go on and do midwifery, this degree will take me there. But I feel like as a student nurse, I have broadened my horizons and opened up my career options. And I’ve done this at age 37, so it’s NEVER too late to follow your dreams and fulfil career paths you never ever imagined you could.

About Clearing

From 5 July, we will be taking applications through Clearing via UCAS. It is your opportunity to apply to the Scottish University of the Year even if you don’t get the exact required grades, have not previously applied, or have previously declined our offer. Clearing is open to anyone who does not have a place at university starting this September, or even if you have a place but have changed your mind on the course or university you want to study at.

We try to take account of all the results and your individual circumstances, and even if your first choice is not available, we may be able to offer you a place on a similar course, so it’s always worth getting in touch.

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