RGU triumph at nationwide maternity and midwifery awards

Friday 16 December 2022

RGU Midwifery Society award winners
Members of RGU's School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedic Practice enjoyed a successful trip to Edinburgh last month, picking up two awards.

The annual Scotland Maternity and Midwifery Festival Trailblazer Awards took place on November 29 at Murrayfield Stadium, bringing together a huge crowd to celebrate the commitment, dedication and exceptional contribution of the maternity services over the past year.

Mo Tabib, a Lecturer at the University, won the Midwife Education Trailblazer Award while the RGU Midwifery Society also won the Student Midwife Trailblazer Award, bring two gongs back to the Granite City.

The Midwifery Society has grown from a society that was close to shutting down to a thriving collective of 160 members, even with the significant challenges that the pandemic brought.

They introduced a monthly online Blether & Bosie session which is hosted for students across Scotland, whether at home or on placement, to come together and talk about their course experiences and enjoy general conversation in a safe and friendly environment.

The society also regularly host events with interesting speakers, authors and sector specialists and as well as fundraised for charities in the UK and beyond via sponsored activities. This year they've added an online market for books too, helping students with more low-cost options.

Mo Tabib was nominated by a number of her students for her dedication and compassion as Lecturer and Tutor at RGU's School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedic Practice. Some nominations included: 

“Midwives in placement recall her with fondness and continue to be influenced by her gentle and grounded approach to midwifery. She has the ability to see potential and nurture it”.

“When students have faced hardship, she has responded promptly and endeavoured to resolve issues with support”. 

“She is an inspiration to so many and has significant influence in her contribution towards our profession”. 

“First year students say they already know how crucial and valuable she is to the staff and students. She is inspirational and is an amazing lecturer, who is kind, polite and willing to help all her students regardless of their level of Midwifery education and background. She tells us always that there is no such thing as a silly question other than the one you do not ask, and while this may seem small to some, it has helped me to become more confident in speaking up during lectures when I am unsure of something or want to clarify”. 

“Mo is humble, approachable, empathetic and pragmatic. She is everything a teacher should be, and we are beyond blessed to be able to call her ours. Mo is a beautiful person inside and out, who motivates and reminds at every opportunity why students want to be midwives. She makes me believe in myself and that I will be successful in my journey to be a midwife and that I can provide the support and care to women and their families”.

Congratulations to both the Midwifery Society and to Mo Tabib for their achievements.

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