Lord Provost hosts closing ceremony for “From Paris To COP26” series

Friday 05 November 2021

Lord Provost with RGU student Alison Taylor
The Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Barney Crocket, recently hosted the closing ceremony for “From Paris to COP26”, a series of online seminars featuring industry-specific, not-for-profit, and academic speakers discussing sectorial progress and needs for more climate action.

RGU and United Nations Association Scotland (UNAS) delivered this seminar series with support from a team of postgraduate and undergraduate RGU students coordinated by RGU’s Law School and Energy Law and Policy lecturer Nicolas Maulet.

Across October 2021, contributors for “From Paris to COP26” shared their achievements and called for yet more progress on Climate Action across multiple segments of UK or overseas economies.

Participants from the UK, Africa, USA, and continental Europe emphasised the persisting need to transform practices and learn from tested climate action initiatives across multiple leading industry segments, from travel and tourism and transport to energy and health and wellbeing.

At the Aberdeen City and Council Town Hall closing ceremonies, the Lord Provost stressed the long-standing historical links between Aberdeen and the United Nations, whereby Aberdeen notably granted the freedom of the city to leading United Nations’ ambassadors right after World War II and the inception of the United Nations.

Through the World’s Energy Cities Partnership, Aberdeen champions the energy transition supporting system transformation across the Partnership’s cities that have the biggest legacy in using and producing energy.

Nicolas Maulet commented: “From Paris to COP26 showcased several of our industry speakers’ incredible creativity to act against climate change. They insisted, however, that too many industries still generally need to deliver on effective climate action.

“Protecting the climate’s future rests on each one of us. Communities should not wait for governments to show what is right for our climate future. Change must be happening quickly. Delivering on climate rests on each of us. This is also the UN’s message to the world’s citizens and communities.”

On display during the reception was FAIA, American artist and architect Tom Rossiter’s ‘Anthropocene Mountain, A Yearlong Photographic/Video Meditation on 8 Billion People on the Planet’.

For more information, please visit the UNAS website.   

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