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Volunteer Patient Facility

Students are provided with volunteer patients on most of our Health and Social Care courses. The volunteer patients contribute to your practical education and training whilst studying here.

Our Volunteer Patient facility is used by a wide range of our disciplines throughout the university. The facility allows you to develop students' communication and diagnostic skills in a safe environment to prepare them for real-life scenarios in your profession. Working with volunteers helps students' to gain confidence and competence not only in your interview and communication skills, but also for practical, non-invasive procedures such as the taking of blood pressure and temperature.

As a result of COVID-19 we have also incorporated the NHS ‘Near Me’ system into learning so students can continue to communicate and interact with volunteer patients online. 

You could help to provide a realistic learning opportunity where students can gain confidence and competence in a safe environment.

What does being a volunteer involve?

As a volunteer you would be:

  • Helping with communication and interview skills
  • Helping with non-invasive clinical procedures such as the taking of blood pressure and temperature 
  • Playing the part of a service user or family member.

As a volunteer you would be helping to educate undergraduate (bachelor's) and postgraduate (master's):

  • Nursing and Midwifery students
  • Physiotherapy students
  • Occupational Therapy students
  • Radiography students
  • Dietetic students
  • Pharmacy students
  • Social Work students
  • Postgraduate students

As a volunteer we need you to be reliable as these sessions can only take place with your help - we would therefore ask that you notify us of any cancellation as soon as possible.

What are the benefits for volunteers?

As a volunteer:

  • Your travel expenses will be reimbursed (to a maximum of £15)
  • You will receive a £20 voucher for either Asda, Boots, Union Square or Marks and Spencer’s for each session you attend
  • You will be given a free pass, for every time you attend, to use the swimming pool or attend an aqua aerobics, yoga or tai chi class at RGU's Sports Centre 
  • We will provide you with training sessions 
  • You will have the opportunity to make new friends and meet other volunteers 
  • You will be provided with tea and coffee

Become a Volunteer Patient

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