Learning Facilities


CampusMoodle is RGU’s virtual learning environment (VLE). It is a valuable resource both on and off campus that you can access from any computer as long as there is an internet connection.

CampusMoodle is the best way to access learning materials and interact with fellow students and tutors through discussion forums, especially if you’re a online learning student.

Features of CampusMoodle include:

  • MyMoodle modules area
  • Resources (such as web pages, videos, PowerPoint slides)
  • Calendar
  • News Forum
  • Discussion Forum
  • Online Chat
  • Sharing resources with students
  • Quizzes
  • Wikis
  • Electronic submission of Assignments

Learning materials such as lecture notes will be uploaded, and the first time that you log in you will find a list of the modules that you are studying that term. The learning material can take many different forms such as MS Word documents, PDF documents, wikis, and podcasts. You are also able to upload assignments and take part in group work.

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