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Bike Parking and Other Cycling Facilities

Campus & Community Facilities

Bike Parking & Other Cycling Facilities

We have specific facilities for cyclists including bike parking, showers and changing rooms, that you may wish to use when cycling to campus.

The university provides bike parking across campus. This can be unsheltered, sheltered or secure parking depending on each facility; there are also bike lockers at selected locations and more sheltered and secure parking will be added during Summer 2021.

Showers and enclosed changing rooms are also available throughout campus, with a non-exhaustive list of facilities per building as follows:

  • Sir Ian Wood Building: Level 3 and 5
  • Ishbel Gordon Building: Level 1 and 3
  • International College RGU: Level 2
  • Central Services Building: Level 1 and 3

Please beware some of these facilities are for staff only. A signage upgrade within each building will include indications on what level shower facilities are.

Helmet lockers are usually available ,but are temporarily restricted to course-specific students. More lockers will be added in selected locations in Summer 2021..


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