Lesley Dyker - Three Dimensional Design

Lesley Dyker work
The aim of this project was to design a piece of jewellery that tells a story through design using casting processes.


Narrative, as jewellery can convey a series of messages and tell stories to both the wearer and viewer.  Jewellery is a prominent means of artistic and cultural expression and can communicate awareness and establish new values.This project was about telling a story through making.

Aims & Outcomes

The aim of the project was to explore both analogue and digital making processes to tell a story. Also using experimentation with the materials to learn about the processes and what could be possible with these materials to develop designs. The outcomes were informed by research and demonstrated a considered narrative.  Drawing, wax samples and sketches were used to develop a refined wax piece.  Rhino was used to develop designs for a 3d print.

The final outcome was to produce two pieces, one from a wax carving and one from a 3d print, which were then cast in copper.


LesleyDyker6 LesleyDyker4 LesleyDyker8 LesleyDyker5 LesleyDyker7 LesleyDyker2 LesleyDyker3 LesleyDyker9

Student statement

I took inspiration for the narrative in this project from nature and the changes that happen through the seasons. Over the spring and summer in 2020 I took a lot of pictures of plants and nature and I wanted to capture the changes I caught in photos in the final designs.;

This was the first time I had 3d printed any designs and also my first time using the lost wax casting process. I managed to get really different effects and outcomes with both processes. The wax allowed me to work in really fine detail, I think it would have been very difficult to get anywhere close to the level of detail with any other method. Using Rhino to create my second design I was able to get perfectly spherical elements to the piece which would have been difficult to do in wax.

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