Leanne Daphne Goodall - Communication Design

Leanne Goodall artwork
As part of this project, students were tasked with illustrating book covers based on the classic J.M Barrie novel, Peter Pan.


This project was an external opportunity to illustrate a series of three book covers, based on the fantastical story of Peter Pan. The publishing company was based in Shanghai and the books were aimed at the Chinese market via a Mandarin adaptation of the original story. 

Aims & Outcomes

The brief involved the design of three possible concepts for each cover that were required to be fresh, and whimsical and capture the essence of the fairy tale classic. 

After selecting a favourite from each of the three choices, the final set of illustrations were created. The aim was to communicate a sense of magic and adventure with the imagery and have the composition wrap around the entire book cover. 


Leanne-Goodall-Image-1 Leanne-Goodall-Image-2 Leanne-Goodall-Image-3 Leanne-Goodall-Image-4

Student statement

I really enjoyed working with an international client. Working remotely really opens up many possibilities for connecting with people all over the world. This project was an amazing opportunity to illustrate one of my favourite books from childhood and this is hopefully something that I will always be proud of. 

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