Gray’s Virtual Degree Show 2020

Gray's Degree Show

Gray’s Digital Degree Show 2021

After the huge success of last year’s award-winning virtual degree show, Gray’s School of Art, Look Again and Aberdeen based design agency Design and Code, have partnered again to create a widely accessible Digital Degree Show, in collaboration with the 2021 graduating students.

Join Gray’s School of Art’s Digital Degree Show, Onwards, for a fully immersive digital experience. This year’s online event showcases an exciting and inspiring mix of projects from over 150 graduating artists and designers. This covers a range of disciplines from painting, contemporary art practice, fashion and textiles, communication design, photography and three-dimensional design.     

The Digital Degree Show opened to the public with a launch event on Friday 9 July 2021.

Image of Faye Woods, GSA Painting graduate

Faye Woods brings an exciting collection of paintings to the digital degree show that focus on grief and how we process our emotions.

Models on Balmedie beach wearing Textile Design Student, Cameron Lyall's outer clothing collection, 'No Place'.

A journey to discover headspace amidst the Covid pandemic led Fashion & Textile Design student, Cameron Lyall, to Balmedie beach, Aberdeenshire. Here he took inspiration to create a dynamic unisex collection of outerwear.

Tom Andrews Skateboard 'Textam'

Tom Andrews is a product designer, interested in the future of transport. With a strong environmental consciousness, Tom hopes to reduce the reliance on private cars in towns and cities and has designed a compact and sustainable skateboard that tackles short but important journeys.

Image of Scarlett Keiller with artwork from her project 'Lost in Translation'

Scarlet Keiller teleport’s her audience to a post-apocalyptic world, where Earth’s civilisation has collapsed and humans are extinct. She challenges us to think about a world some 10, 50, 100 years after our extinction, where all human information has been abandoned and a new visual language has been created.

Woodland Image from Dunecht Path from Paul Nicol

A journey of self-discovery unearthed a love of nature and photography for Paul, who reassessed his life choices and decided to pursue a BA in Photography at Grays.

Leanne Daphne Goodall 'Hollow' illustration

Scottish Kelpie Prize Illustration winner, Leanne Daphne Goodall, looks at climate change in her fantasy adventure story, Hollow, using a world of illustration to explore the problems facing the environment.

Maria Laidlaw Profile photo with jewellery

Mature student, Maria Laidlaw, describes herself as a late bloomer, someone who always wanted to go to art school but never quite did until later in life. Having always been happiest working with her hands in a creative capacity, Laidlaw says she was so grateful for the opportunity to study Three Dimensional Design at Grays.

Claudia & Jo, Contemporary Art Practice Project

Collaborative duo, Claudia and Joe have brought their creative talents together to explore drag personas and queer identity in a thought-provoking film.

Jimmy Millar on his dairy farm, from Laura Campbell's 'A farmer's life' project

A talented design student, Laura Cameron, draws on her crofting heritage as she explores ‘A Farmer’s Life’ and asks why farmers have such passion for their land and why it is so important to them in the modern world?

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