Emma Good

Emma Good is a BN Nursing – Mental Health student who joined RGU through Clearing in 2018.

What made you apply for your course at RGU through the Clearing process?

I had originally applied for Mental Health Nursing to five universities. Unfortunately I had been rejected from four of the universities so I decided to withdraw my application from RGU because I didn’t want to be rejected again. I was speaking to a friend a couple months later and he was telling me how he got into university through Clearing. He said it was easy he just picked up the phone and that was that.

I then got an email a few weeks later from UCAS saying that Clearing had now opened.  It gave me a brief run-down of my options, so I decided to pick up the phone and call admissions to see if I could get in with the grades that I had.

What was your experience of the Clearing process and what advice would you give to potential students considering applying through Clearing?

I got through on the phone really quickly even though it was peak Clearing time. I spoke to a really nice lady on the phone and talked through my qualifications, my experience, and what I needed to get in. I then applied online through the clearing process and that was that, invited to interview and then got in.

Did you make the right decision to come to RGU through Clearing? Why?

I definitely made the right decision, the process was really easy, really simple. RGU has a lot of really great facilities and staff are really friendly. There is a lot of stigma around coming through Clearing, you know you’re not good enough to go to uni, you don’t deserve to go to uni, your grades aren’t perfect, but that’s just not the case. I’m doing really well at uni, my grades are quite good. Things happen at school and it’s not always a true reflection of what you are capable of academically. So I would just pick up the phone, speak to admissions and see what your options are.

About Clearing

From 5 July, we will be taking applications through Clearing via UCAS. It is your opportunity to apply to the Scottish University of the Year even if you don’t get the exact required grades, have not previously applied, or have previously declined our offer. Clearing is open to anyone who does not have a place at university starting this September, or even if you have a place but have changed your mind on the course or university you want to study at.

We try to take account of all the results and your individual circumstances, and even if your first choice is not available, we may be able to offer you a place on a similar course, so it’s always worth getting in touch.

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