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Meet RGU Startups

Through our programmes we have worked with student, staff and alumni entrepreneurs to create dozens of new businesses across a diversity of sectors.

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Across our startup support programmes, research activity and academic courses, our community’s entrepreneurial mindset has seen the creation of a wide range of startups from industries ranging from fashion to finance and tourism to technology. These businesses receive support and guidance from RGU and are driving economic growth across the region and beyond.

RGU Startup Accelerator – Cohort 1



Founded by: Alistair Lea and Shehan Heguragamage

Creatingan online marketplace which takes the stress out of home-improvements by helping homeowners find the right architect or designer for their project.

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---BeltfreeBeltfree by Miss James

Founded by: Emma James

Producing an innovative new maternity product which combines the function of a pelvic instability belt with the comfort and leggings and short to reduce pain for pregnant women.



Founded by: Alice Foster

Creating an artisan chocolate brand which offers a luxurious taste of unapologetic ingredients with no added sugar to offer a naturally sweetened, guilt-free snack.


Founded by: Jason Iyeke and Tony Tiyou

Developing a mobile app that helps low-income customers in Sub-Saharan African learn about, compare and purchase quality-verified solar products.

Destiny-Partnership-250Destiny Partnership

Founded by: Scott Russell and Jessica Young

Forming a social enterprise which seeks to improve the lives of the local community through projects such as Young Live Savers which offers free first aid training for children.


Founded by: Nadimul Faisal

Developing technology that will digitise touch to capture data about the condition of physical surfaces to improve decision making and quality control for industries such as aviation runways.

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---Digital-Future-CapitalDigital Future Capital

Founded by: Kris Lindahl and Hal Salvesen

Providing the opportunity for the general public to access high growth investment funds in markets such as cryptocurrencies

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---Evolved-Medical-MonitorsEvolved Monitors

Founded by: Nick Dillon

Designing an advanced and user-friendly medical monitor system to allow minimally trained first responders to identify critical issues in patients.

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---iOcean-SolutionsiOcean Solutions

Founded by: Richard Enzmann and Thomas Mega

Manufacturing electronic components and consulting with partners to develop technology for the oil and gas industry such as subsea batteries.

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---Kaerliig-BeautyKærlig Beauty

Founded by: Amy Alexander

Producing luxury, organic skincare products such as soaps and body lotion which seek to promote self-care and natural, sustainable ingredients.


Founded by: Stuart Waddell and Ed Watson

Producing affordable and practical scientific laboratory equipment and software for educators in high schools and university to improve the teaching experience


Founded by: Catherine Gillespie

Introducing a design-driven fashion brand which shall focus on timeless pieces which collaborates with young designers and reduces fast fashion culture.


Founded by: Jo-Anne Tait and Colin Hetherington

Creating immersive virtual environments for education to allow clients to create multi-user interactive spaces for learning to take place.

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---Originorigin Plastics

Founded by: Daniel Sutherland, Ben Durack and Scott Robertson

Creating locally-based recycling hubs where plastics can be redeveloped into innovative new products at the source of waste to reduce our carbon footprint.

Poco Roast

Founded by: Ross McLean

Connecting the finest speciality coffee roasters from the UK with the public through a regular delivery service.


Founded by: Nicole Blyth

Developing a digital community to help those relocating connect with businesses and individuals to help users find authentic local advice and build a community.

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---SafeInfluxSafe Influx

Founded by: Bryan Atchison and Phil Hassard

Implementing innovative automated well control technology to reduce human factor issues on oil and gas platforms

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---Snap-DigitalSnap Studio

Founded by: Will Farquhar, James Galbraith and Conor Gault

Creating an end-to-end creative production agency bringing professional advertising and marketing services to clients

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---SwypatuneSwype Global

Founded by: Peter Atorough, Effe Sackey-Barnes, Frank Fotso, and Solomon Onu

Introducing an app-based music competition to expose artists for the public to vote by swiping to win cash prizes


Founded by: Rajesh Kumar Plamthottahil

Developing a blockchain-based software platform to offer security and transparency for the supply chain to allow consumers to access information about products in seconds


Founded by: Daryll Morrow and Luke Morrow

Connecting businesses with student talent through our online micro-internship platform allowing students to gain degree-relevant work experience.

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---Untitled-ComicsUntitled Comics

Founded by: Nicci Thomson and Cliff Hughes

Developing a digital platform to democratise the comic book industry and bring creatives together to showcase new, original content

Innovation-Digest-GraphicsLogo---Valdone-AuValdone °Au

Founded by: Valdone Auksoriute and Kajetan Swiecki

Creating a sustainable fashion brand to work with certified fairtrade suppliers and reduce the impact of fast fashion on the planet.

RGU Startup Accelerator – Cohort 2


Founded by: Euan Duff

Creating the agency for the modern athlete bringing together client management and creative production to turn athletes into brands and unlock their inaccessible potential.


Founded by: Nirmalie Wiratunga, Chamath Palihawadana, and Kyle Martin

Creating a platform for low-cost, real-time tracking solution for further and higher education to record student attendance, reducing the time and human error of traditional attendance systems.


Founded by: Aishat Adebusuyi and David Rafiq

Developing an online platform for families affected by Autism that provides instant access to resources, therapy and community to help release their social and personal potential.

Ceol-Beag-DesignsCeòl Beag Designs

Founded by: Calum Lawrie and Kimberley Lawrie

Designing bespoke gloves for musicians to revolutionise the way musicians protect their hands and allow them to play in all conditions without impacting on performance quality.


Founded by: Reginald Ankrah, Kwadwo Fosu, and Ruth Obeng

Creating a healthier alternative to carbonated and high sugar drinks through a premium quality, all natural soft drink based on a unique family recipe of flowers, spices and fruits.


Founded by: Emmanuel Okoli and Dr Roy Bitrus

Developing a unique, intelligent epoxy-based coating to be applied to the exterior surface of insulated pipework to provide realtime monitoring and protection against corrosion.

eQoBrushEQO Brush

Founded by: Effe Sackey-Barnes, Solomon Onu, Mariam Fasassi, Yvonne Ogundiran, and Chidera Maduagwu

Creating a toothbrush subscription service that seeks to be a simple, environmentally-friendly and educational product to inspire families to better manage their dental care from an early age. 

Foxshyre-AnalyticsFoxshyre Analytics

Founded by: Luis Toral, Ibrahim Mohammed and Bello Garkuwa

Developing a pre-trained, artificial intelligence software to speed up the identification and detection of corrosion within their facilities through analysis of inspection images.

insideout-by-Designinsideout by Design

Founded by: j ' x, Lina Khairy, and Adam Steward

Producing customisable, outdoor modular furniture kits which provide external shelter to encourage users to reconnect with nature and each other and reduce stress and isolation.


Founded by: Stuart Dyer

Creating a digital tool to track and manage the food in your kitchen to generate healthy recipes to streamline the way you cook, reduce food waste, save money and promote the healthier lifestyle.

Kerbstone Entertainment

Founded by: Cameron Craddock, David Suttie, Iain Gill, and Derek McKechnie

Developing new and dynamic sports and entertainment concepts to meet the needs of ever-evolving audiences and inspire inclusivity and community in sport.

Knit-ItKnit It

Founded by: Lucy Fisher

Designing a platform to reinvent knitting patterns and use interactive tools to help users learn from tutorials, find and share patterns, and track their progress.


Founded by: Lauren Stevenson

Creating a product which provides physical protection for healing tattoos and is waterproof and UV protected to reduce the risk of infection and preserve the quality of the tattoo while healing.

Power-to-Go-HydroPower to Go Hydro

Founded by Ken Morrow and Allan Chalmers

Developing an inflatable waterwheel which generates clean, accessible, affordable electricity in a way that is cheap to manufacture, install and maintain to have a reduced environmental impact and harvest more energy.

Relaxation-RevolutionRelaxation Revolution

Founded by: Mo Tabib, Geraldine Stevenson, Claire Walters, Theresa Christie, Ame Whitehead

Offering relaxation education packages for prospective parents and childbirth practitioners to reduce childbirth complications caused by fear, anxiety and stress.


Founded by: Anna Mitina and Danis Satubaldina

Producing a sustainable, luxury, toiletry subscription brand with biodegradable single-use pods to allow users to track toiletry usage and reduce plastic waste.


Founded by: Theo Dounas, Syd Birnie, David Wilson, and Jonathan Scott

Constructing buildings of all sizes using timber based on an innovative robotic fabrication system which will reduce cost, waste and carbon impact to make buildings easier to assemble and disassemble.


Founded by: Robyn Miller, Iain Gill, and Mark Pennie

Developing a platform to connect the creative community to curate and distil news, educational materials and be a space for collaboration to focus information in a busy world.


Founded by: Dr Stewart Massie, Dr Rachael Ironside and Glenn Forbes

Creating an online digital platform that provides a simple tool for anyone to create compelling story experiences which are location-based and can be assembled into tours.


Founded by: Vinyet Miro and Xavier Miro

Developing a revolutionary creative platform that allows users to co-create stories with their audience to promote writing and reading through teamwork and creativity.

tudutudu by Cultoural

Founded by: Juliette Jolivet, Karolina Przynarowska, and Krzysztof Kalita

Designing a game-based, personalised tourism platform to provide a cultural adventure for travellers where users earn rewards by engaging with small businesses and exploring authentic local culture.

Legacy Startups


Founded by: Steve Shearman and Luis Ibarra

Introducing a system of dynamic pricing for the management of capital projects to lower the commercial risk for customers and contractors alike.


Founded by: John McCall

Developing a novel artificial intelligence using nature-inspired computing to improve the operational efficiency of logistics and supply chain.

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