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Zoe Buyers

Freelance Animator & Motion Graphic Designer

Zoe Buyers

As a freelance animation/motion designer Zoe has worked for a range of clients and agencies including: Form Digital, as a Motion Designer to create a range of animated social media content.

Tells us about your job and what you enjoy most about it?

As a freelance animator/motion designer, I can decide when and where I work and which projects I want to take on. I initially found freelance straight out of university daunting, but have I learnt such a lot in a short period of time. I have also taken risks with some projects which I thought were slightly out of my depth, but this has also allowed me to push myself, develop my skills and grow as an individual. I enjoy meeting clients and working with others to bring their ideas to life. I adore working for myself, and the flexibility of being my own boss! 

Can you tell us about some of the projects you have worked on?

As a freelance animation/ motion designer I have worked for a range of clients and creative agencies including: Form Digital, who hired me as their Motion Designer to create a wide range of animated social media content for both their own internal use and for a range of their clients.

I have also been working with other leading creative agencies including: Design & Code and FortyTwo Studio which has been really exciting, and I have enjoyed helping them bring their ideas to life. 

More recently, I collaborated with HARK Studios to create animated and illustrated content for their clients which involved corporate work for companies based in Aberdeen. 

The Aberdeen International Comedy Festival (AICF) has also approached me to create a series of promotional videos which will be used on their social media accounts. 

 In what ways do you feel your studies have helped your career?

I studied for 10 weeks on placement at Slurpy Studios, an animation studio in St. Albans. This experience was such a springboard for helping me to develop my confidence and my animation skills. Initially, I was worried about applying for a placement out with the Grampian area, as I have lived in Aberdeen all my life and the idea of moving away for 10 weeks was terrifying. I knew I had to push myself outside of my comfort zone, so that is exactly what I did.   I am so glad that I pushed myself to study in St. Albans. The studio had two great mentors who took me under their wing and taught me everything I wanted to know. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions and they were great at encouraging me to develop my skills. It was a great way of gaining industry experience and I would go back in a heartbeat.  


What was it like being a student at RGU?

Studying at RGU was a great experience. Not only does the university have fantastic resources, but they also create an inclusive learning space. The tutors are all very experienced in their field and they bring a wealth of knowledge to their courses. Gray’s School of Art in particular feels like a small community on the campus. There are plenty of opportunities to mix with individuals on other courses. You are encouraged to be fluid in your practice, and you are encouraged to explore and develop your skills.

Do you have any advice for students/graduates pursuing their studies/entering the job market?

Enjoy yourself! My 4 years at university flew past in the blink of an eye. Listen to your tutors, even if you disagree with them – they will want to support you and see you succeed!  

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