Sheena Anderson

Sheena Anderson

As part of our ‘Meet the mentors and subject experts’ series we’re talking to Sheena Anderson, a Help to Grow: Management mentor.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your career

I graduated in 1978 from Aberdeen University and immediately joined one of the Big 5 (as it was then) Accountancy Firms qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1981. After a general training in accountancy I moved to specialise in tax for individuals, partnerships, companies and family owned businesses. I continued my career with Ernst & Young until forming the accountancy firm Anderson Anderson & Brown (AAB) with two colleagues in 1990. 

AAB grew from 5 individuals on day one to approx 250 when I retired in 2016.

I currently use my business and financial expertise as an advisor to youngsters starting in business through the Prince's Trust and I also sit on an Opportunity North East panel.

Outside of business I am passionate about philanthropy and chair the board of the AABi Charity. I am also a member of the Rotary club of Aberdeen St Fittick where I am involved with local and global community projects. You will also find me regularly on the golf course.

What is your particular area of expertise?

Whilst my background is financial and particularly the tax landscape that businesses operate in I have first hand experiences of growing my own business and also many experiences of helping clients grow theirs. I have watched and helped businesses get established, kept them grounded when they were growing and helped pass on that business to the next generation or to different family members. In its lifetime a business will go through many different phases and it's owners will have different expectations and demands at different times. I find listening to the issues business owners have, finding out what keeps them awake at night and helping resolve those issues tremendously rewarding.  


How will Help to Grow: Management help businesses to succeed

The challenges are wide and varied growing a business - from recruitment to financing, to client retention, maintaining service levels and staff training. Getting to know other entrepreneurs and the challenges they face and a sharing of ideas with like minded businesses will be a feature of this programme.

Do you have any advice for senior leaders planning to grow their business?

Stay flexible and adapt to change - recent times have shown how unpredictable the world is. Look at your in house skills, take advice from experts and listen to other business owners. Know your customers/clients and listen to them. Communication is key.

As a Help to Grow mentor, what are you most looking forward to during the Programme?

I am looking forward to listening to and sharing a business's long term plans and sustainable strategy to achieve these. I will enjoy getting to know the business owners and what motivates them and I hope to contribute positively to their business journey

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