G-PaTRA (Green Passenger Transport in Rural Areas)

G-PaTRA (Green Passenger Transport in Rural Areas)

RGU is Lead Beneficiary on G-PaTRA, a three year €3.6 million Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) Programme project that will promote green transport and mobility in remote, rural and island areas.

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Interreg North Sea Region (NSR)
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Rural public transport is carbon intensive, requires substantial subsidy support and struggles to provide an alternative to the car. Urban transport carbon reduction strategies are rarely transferable to rural areas, while the unique territorial challenges of rural areas have received limited attention from funders. 

G-PaTRA will enhance the capacity of transport authorities to reduce CO2 from personal transport through demonstration pilot projects that will:

  • increase the use of zero emission public transport vehicles in rural transport networks;
  • use smart technology to better optimise available public transport resources (including vehicles and drivers); and
  • promote car sharing and other ways of increasing private car occupancy. 

Business cases will also developed to demonstrate the potential cost effectiveness of generating carbon savings from zero emission ferries and trains in rural and island areas. 

The project comprises 13 partners drawn from Scotland, England, Flanders, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Norway, and partners range from local and regional transport authorities to Universities and strategy and innovation consultants. 

A key feature of Interreg NSR projects is the need for partners to work on developing solutions transnationally. G-PaTRA also has a focused approach to maximising impact. Each partner country is required to identify and engage with 5 key influencers who have the power to ensure that project innovations are adopted within their national and regional jurisdictions.

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and 12 partner organisations in 6 European countries.

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