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Make the most of your time at university with extracurricular activities

John Gbabo
The exiting Vice-President for Student Welfare at RGU:Union, John Gbabo, shares his take on the importance of getting involved in extracurricular activities like Student Voice and working in partnership to improve the student experience.

As a university community, staff work collaboratively with the student body by incorporating their feedback to continually enhance the curriculum and RGU’s support services in response to students’ needs.

There are many extracurricular activities through which students are empowered to share their views and work in partnership with the university to improve the student experience, such as Student Voice forums, the RGU:Union executive, or through Student School Officers.

We asked John about his extracurricular activities during his time as Vice-President at RGU:Union.

What would you say to a new student who is interested in getting involved in extracurricular activities at university?

Don’t delay. Give your talent and voice. You’ll be surprised that in giving you get a lot more. If you have an idea to make a positive change – no matter how small – you should go for it.

What did you like about working in partnership directly with the university and RGU:Union to make real changes to the learning experience?

There are a lot of benefits. In my role as VP welfare, I had the opportunity to be a voice for students and was able to create and implement campaigns for change. My efforts at Student Voice was also one of the reasons I won an Engagement & Partnership Award. I also got to meet with senior university management, learn from them, and negotiate proposals.

What has been your biggest non-academic achievement at university?

Being a member of the executive team at RGU Union and contributing to its success. It’s one of my biggest non-academic achievements. I also valued being involved in various student welfare teams, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Just doing a little went a long way to helping students and the RGU community cope and deal with the pandemic.

What do you feel you’ve gained through your engagement and partnership with the university community as a whole?

I have gained so much. Both my communication and leadership skills have been improved, but also my interpersonal and negotiation skills. Employers are looking for individuals with these transferable skills, which gives me a better chance of success in the future.

What do the engagement and partnership awards mean to you?

The award means a lot to me. It shows that the university appreciates contributions that students make to improve the learning experience of others at RGU. I am truly honoured to have my contribution recognized.

The Engagement & Partnership awards are one way in which RGU recognises students who have contributed to improving the student learning experience. This can be through student’s involvement in their course module or their involvement in the Union or at individual societal levels.

If you are looking to make the most of your time at university and make a positive impact on other students’ experience, then checking out what’s going on at RGU:Union is a great place to start. It’s not just about getting your voice heard either. Browse the site, see what’s on and get involved in a society that interests you. Make the most of your student experience.

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