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Celebrating student achievements in RGU

Students have had a significant impact on enhancing their learner experiences during the pandemic and Ursula Ojiji, Student President for Communication and Democracy, shares how that was celebrated through the recent achievement awards.

Over the past few weeks since the lockdown, we have had to think of very creative ways to engage the students and enhance the student experience while working remotely. It is our custom to celebrate the exceptional contributions of our students throughout the year for the many lives they impact, we were not going to let this COVID-19 stop us. We virtually had to live stream it. 

The Student Achievement Awards is the RGU:Union event that celebrates the outstanding achievements of students through diligent work and commitment as volunteers, groups and society members. It is not just any type of award, but recognition of exceptional performance in extracurricular activities acknowledged by their peers. It is important to us as an organization because we see and work closely with the students as they engage in various activities and create a balance in their academics. We also include these awards to their transcripts so that potential employers can see what they have done while studying. 

Students are an integral part of what we do and celebrating their impact in the community and beyond is crucial. From fundraising for charities to innovative tools for development to creating inclusive programmes for the proper representation and equality of all, students have gone out of their way to show kindness and empathy. It is worth noting that RGU is not just making employable graduates, but also creating the next generation’s leaders of tomorrow who are ready to take a stand and make a change. 

Societies have done incredibly well this year and notable of such is the RGU Racing society that won the Society of the Year award for their involvement in designing and building a car and creating a platform for engineering students to learn project management skills. The RADAR magazine with the Gender Equality and Feminism society came together to raise funds for WIRES to help stop the Australian wildfires. Also, the Computing Society for consistently engaging students in the RGU Hack project, a 24-hour academic workshop that help students learn new tools and computing skills, making them win Academic Society of the Year. 

RGU:Union remains committed to celebrating the exceptional achievements of its students and preserving their legacy in the impacts they have within their communities. 

To know more about the awards and winners, visit the RGU:Union website.

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