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Black Liberation Network launches at RGU

Black Liberation Network
A group of student activists at RGU have led the creation of the BLack Liberation Network, which will reject all forms of racial injustice and inequality and deliver meaningful change to combat racism in the community.

RGU student President (Education and Welfare), Emmanuel Akerele, Equality Champion (Race), Areej Rahmani and Black Liberation Network Chair, Faatima Osman, led the creation of a new student network bringing students together against racism ahead of Black History Month.

The revival of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement after the death of George Floyd sparked a global campaign against racism and all forms of racial injustices over the summer. This movement raised awareness and brought people of all ages, class, status and race together to lend a common voice to a common purpose – ending racism!

This global campaign did not only spark an awakening at international level but invigorated campaigns at a local and community level. It didn’t mean that racism started today, no. It has always existed, a disease that has plagued humankind for years and generations long before us. But this first-hand witnessing of raw and violent racism and more importantly the genuine power in the unity of people from all nations standing together against racism inspired the creation of the Black Liberation Network.

The Black Liberation Network formed because a group of passionate individual student activists at RGU came together to form a network with the desire to bring about positive change. The Black Liberation Network (BLN) exists as a safe space encouraging the student body to take a stand against racism, to create a platform for voices to be heard and to raise even more awareness about all forms of social injustices especially racism.

Over the summer, we have worked hard to form this student network, working in partnership with the university to ensure that every student at RGU feels and understands that they have an equal voice during their time at RGU. It is our primary aim to represent the interests of our BIPOC students, to provide a space for discussion and to act on pertinent issues. In the future, we hope to organise events on campus that are educational and campaign for causes whilst uplifting the voices of BIPOC and their experiences. We hope to provide a safe space for BIPOC individuals to engage in activism and find community support. 

So as we officially launch the Black Liberation Student network today at the start of Black History Month (1 – 31 October) 2020, it symbolizes our passion and commitment to actively reject all forms of racial injustice and inequality and deliver meaningful change to combat racism in our community. We stand as Students Together Against Racism.

This Black History Month, we have a number of activities and events planned to examine the pride and struggles of people of black origin and other persons of colour from Afro-Caribbean background, why it matters and why we celebrate Black History month at RGU.

BLN is a network open to all BIPOC and allies and would love to welcome more members, so please visit the RGU Union website to find out more about us, and also follow us on Facebook and Instagram @rgu_bln.

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