Veronica Petukhov - Contemporary Art Practice

Gray's School of Art Building
This project was created in collaboration with sound artist Samm Anga, hosted by Agora Digital Art and curated by Elizabeth Richardson


This always-evolving work and research present an attempt to capture an irrevocable shift that has now jilted a reality we’d previously taken for granted. The two artists drifted towards this type of audio-visual work because as young graduates they lived the year as best they could and decided to transmit their evolving feelings and reactions to its volatility through this piece. The artists realised humanity is a continuous cycle, that pandemics aren’t a new phenomenon, and neither are revolts, protests and inequalities. This cyclicality pervaded this work and forms the aesthetic of their process of trapping this reaction in a digital time capsule. 

In the audio-visual piece, the act of manipulating and distorting the original videos that they found creates a disconnection from the “video” reality and transports the viewer into “another dimension”. The explicitly filmic and P.O.V elements of the work form a semi-narrative that divulges into a visual encapsulation of a very divisive year for humanity. 

Aims & Outcomes

The aim of the project was to showcase a cyclical audio-visual experience commenting on the year 2020 and how it hasn’t been a new experience for humanity to live through. The two artists worked together for 2 months, sending each other material back and forth online, evolving the piece every time. Samm Anga created a sound art piece and edited the final video footage while Veronica Petukhov edited the initial footage, filmed an installation and created an Augmented Reality 3D piece.

Student statement

“As a digital artist this residency was a great opportunity to showcase my art techniques such as file corruption and databending. Also, to build my collaborative skills and practice on creating an artist talk. We encountered some obstacles during our collaboration such as not being able to access university facilities and better-quality material to produce our final result. Thanks to this project I have learned more about 3D sculpting and Augmented Reality. Samm Anga and I improvised and adapted the outcome to what was physically possible to re-create from home. (I filmed an installation video in my living room with TV screens borrowed from friends.) We also used alternative programs and methods to achieve the desired audio-visual experience and so a metamorphosis and constant evolution of the piece took place.” 

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