RGU Midwifery Insight Day - Inverness

Thursday 01 September 2022 11:00 - 16:00

Location: Smithton Church Hall, Murray Road, Smithton, Inverness

Are you thinking about midwifery as a career option but not sure what it involves? Join us to find out more about a rewarding career as a Midwife.

Considering your future career as a Midwife?

Come along to this exciting event to hear more about the role and essential skills of the Midwife, and learn about the women and families they care for through a series of interactive workshops. Speak with and discover the experiences of Midwives, current student Midwives, and women, and learn about the application process for RGU’s degree in Midwifery. You will gain a certificate for your attendance.


Workshop 1: Day in the life of a student midwife/midwife

Midwives and student midwives will be sharing their day to day experiences of working in the midwifery profession and the variety of roles that midwives have. 

Workshop 2: Experiences of women with student midwives

Hear about the recent experience of women and the student midwives involved in their care.

Workshop 3: What midwives do (skills station)

Midwives are required to be competent in many clinical skills. Midwives and student midwives will be teaching using some of our simulation models and provide an opportunity to try some of the skills a midwife uses.

Workshop 4: Midwifery applications: top tips

Academic midwifery staff will be on hand to discuss how to apply for the midwifery course at RGU, what to include in your personal statement and preparing for interview to improve your chances of success.

Workshop 5: Preparing for life as a Student Midwife

Being a student midwife is a busy life managing the demands of university work and working in the clinical environment. Mo Tabib, midwifery lecturer will be taking you through a relaxation session with practical exercises to prepare you for life as a student midwife.

Workshop 6: What is continuity of carer?

RGU’s innovative course will grow midwives that will have experience in Continuity of care. In this workshop you will learn about Continuity of Carer and what that will look like for you as a student and as a midwife.

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